Find My Family, Friends, Phone Safe365

by Alpify

The best family security App / 112 / 911 emergencies.

Based in +10,000 votes
Based in +10,000 votes

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  • App is all good i am using it in india just add emergency of india too allowed to edit emergency number 112/911 to 112/100 or any other. 4 years ago
  • 馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥馃憥. 4 years ago
  • So far everything looks good or easy need more time to invite people to see how it tracks multiple people if it keeps up it's at least three which I don't see why you would need any more than that then it will be a five but Pfizer where is nothing further. 4 years ago
  • Works great. 4 years ago
  • Very good. 4 years ago
  • Used to be a proper sport safety app, now it's a monstrosity. 4 years ago
  • Super super duper. 4 years ago
  • Wonderful. 4 years ago
  • imprescindible. 4 years ago
  • Great updates!!. 4 years ago
  • Makes me feel safety. 4 years ago
  • Which means that it's rather useless :(. 5 years ago
  • Right now this will be my third time reinstalling this was a good app, but the app won't send me the code. 5 years ago
  • Not finding locations. 5 years ago
  • Meencanta. 5 years ago
  • Worth its weight in gold! Vale su peso en oro! Whatever you do, worth having on phone. 6 years ago
  • Super. 6 years ago
  • 5 Stars!!. 6 years ago
  • Beautiful. 6 years ago
  • Acabo de probar la aplicaci贸n y he desactivado la llamada al 112. 6 years ago