Candy Crush Saga

by King

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Based in +1,000,000 votes
Based in +1,000,000 votes

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  • Can’t stop playing! It’s easy to get on with, fun, makes you open your third eye while playing ! Never made me nervous or to wanna brake the phone becAuse of it ! Great !. 4 years ago
  • So innovative. 4 years ago
  • Great game. 4 years ago
  • I love this game but I want to know who made it?. 4 years ago
  • Hate all the little pop ups to buy stuff. 4 years ago
  • Fun, challenging, mind relaxing fun. 4 years ago
  • Every level presents a similar but new and fun challenge. 4 years ago
  • So fun and addicting. 4 years ago
  • Fun. 4 years ago
  • Love it! Super addicting! Lots of fun can play all day!. 4 years ago
  • Love this game! Always come back to it! Well polished match 3 game!. 4 years ago
  • It is as standard on my phone as solitaire is on a desktop. 4 years ago
  • I just have one thing to ask. 4 years ago
  • it's addicting. 4 years ago
  • Entertains you a lot. 4 years ago
  • Great game. 4 years ago
  • I enjoy this been tremendously helps me occupy downtime and it’s A lot of fun. 4 years ago
  • i love laying down after a long day at work and listen to music while playing candy crush. 4 years ago
  • 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻. 4 years ago
  • Love the game. 4 years ago