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Based in +3,000,000 votes
Based in +3,000,000 votes

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  • It shows you the first name of birthdays for the day, but when you click on it there are only names for birthdays the next day and throughout the week so you have to search your friends list to find out who it is. 4 years ago
  • Please get this fixed already. 4 years ago
  • Cada ves va peor la aplicación y cada actualización pesa más, Mal el grupo de desarrolladores de Facebook. 4 years ago
  • I usually love the FB app, but I did the latest update 2 days ago on my iPhone and now I can’t access the current days Birthdays. 4 years ago
  • I use to have no issues with the facebook app but recently it has been absolutely horrid. 4 years ago
  • Can we get a version where market place doesn’t come up in the feed? I’ve tried to hide it and it still pops up. 4 years ago
  • Why do I have to hit like like button 3+ times to like a story. 4 years ago
  • 1. 4 years ago
  • I cannot see anymore posts from pages or groups I liked/joined. 4 years ago
  • What’s up with the last update? Was able to wish friends a Happy Birthday. 4 years ago
  • It used to be great but now half of it is ads. 4 years ago
  • I was able to search within a group in the iPhone fb app, but not anymore. 4 years ago
  • I freaking hate this app. 4 years ago
  • I love Facebook it’s my best but always there is an issues with notifications. 4 years ago
  • I don’t mind a few ads, and I know it’s part of Facebook business plan, but to show an ad every five posts on my feed, that’s too many. 4 years ago
  • Facebook mobile still has major work to do for people making comments. 4 years ago
  • Facebook should implement an incognito mode for messenger so people can be on Facebook but not be bothered by people who watch if you're on 24/7. 4 years ago
  • Wonderful application I love it Thank you Mr mark Ahmed al rashed. 4 years ago
  • Nmmnmmmmmnn stonky. 4 years ago
  • What is the problem with you people deleting constantly how many emojis I use on notification post? Why should I keep getting more again n you take away from my use. 4 years ago