2020: My Country

2020: My Country is the follow-up to the smash-hit, city-building strategy game My Country, which has more than 17 million players around the world

Based in +80,000 votes
Based in +80,000 votes

Last 10 Comments

  • Game crashes so much it's barely playable! Needs urgent updating. 4 years ago
  • This game has the potential to be SUPER fun. 4 years ago
  • Nothing but a money making scheme!Unless you pay w/real money you'll get no where with this game. 4 years ago
  • This game is a lot of fun. 4 years ago
  • great game. 5 years ago
  • After considerable thought, this an official boycott of this game. 5 years ago
  • First day:ooh looks fun I hope it does not have soo many problems After download:yay fun, this is actually really fun😊 After spending so much time you have got a big city: Ugh omg I have to wait for the stupid plane to collect money 💵😒😰 After spending months in it, you get back on the game and it crashes takes you back to your screen mode: Ugh why is it doing this like seriously I HATE THIS GAME!!!!!!! 😠😠 Later on you realize its mot fun at all keeps crashing and its being such an a** h*** 😐 I suggest don even look at it just scroll and don't download it because its just a waste of storage,time and if you do download it good luck just don say I didn't say I didn't warn ya!!! 😒. 5 years ago
  • Its a nice game, but I'm tired of giving it changes to work properly. 5 years ago
  • After having played for about a week I have come to the conclusion that this games sucks. 5 years ago
  • I installed the cyan update for nokia and the game is now constantly crashing. 5 years ago