Age of Empires®: Castle Siege invites you to guide your empire through the Medieval Era on your Windows PC or touch screen device

Based in +10,000 votes
Based in +10,000 votes

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  • Great game but please take advantage of the LIVE TILE by puttin stats, losses, wood counts, food counts, gold, and rocks. 3 years ago
  • I am not a fan of games that constantly harp you and encourage you to spend real money. 3 years ago
  • I've tried a lot of games like this. 4 years ago
  • Learn how the economy in this game works before burning your money. 4 years ago
  • Upgrades should take less time, I'm Age 6 and it takes no less than a day to upgrade a building. 4 years ago
  • O jogo é ótimo e viciante, mas os preços das moedas deveriam ser revisados. 4 years ago
  • O melhor de todas as épocas. 5 years ago
  • Really smooth on 512 Mb devices :). 5 years ago
  • ✔ awesome graphics ✔ nice sounds effects ✔ run smoothly on 512 Mb ram ✔ good multiplayer gameplay ✔ Xbox live ✖ back bottom exit the game. 5 years ago
  • Being an Age fan since the 2nd game and having poured hours into every game that came out I was quite skeptical of this game. 5 years ago