Bingo Star

Enjoy the excitement of Bingo for free on your Windows computer or tablet! Play Bingo Star with players from all around the world

Based in +40,000 votes
Based in +40,000 votes

Last 10 Comments

  • Very fun but reached level 16 built up 485,000 coins and nearly $61,000 and the game froze -- can play but does not put instant bingos on card when awarded nor the free spaces. 3 years ago
  • Extremely clean and well laid out interface. 4 years ago
  • Fun way to relax and very addictive. 4 years ago
  • Terrific Game to play if you like Bingo. 4 years ago
  • Game was working fine for a while, but now its pretty bad. 4 years ago
  • when are you going to fix this game??? been this way for a week, sent email, still nothing. 4 years ago
  • instant bingos stopped working, free daubs didn't appear. 4 years ago
  • You never run out of money and I like that. 5 years ago
  • love bingo. 5 years ago
  • Fun game !!! Very addictive!!!!. 6 years ago