Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies

Based in +300,000 votes
Based in +300,000 votes

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  • I hate being a person to bring negative news to anybody, especially a company as great and entertaining as Netflix, but I have been experiencing a small dilemma with this app. 3 years ago
  • i love netflix but recently the Netflix app wont open. 3 years ago
  • Like the title says. 3 years ago
  • I would like to see the download option for Windows mobile. 3 years ago
  • With the release of the new update came a significant problem for me. 3 years ago
  • Click launch and nothing happens. 3 years ago
  • Netflix released a update, I can't even see what they updated on there because my Xbox one can't even open the app! To anyone who can't use the Netflix on here, please report the issue to "Microsoft" at once. 3 years ago
  • 2 days ago i am watching star trek voyayer, i tyurned my console off for about an hour when i get back and decide to continue watching the series my screen goes black and it says format not supported, i have to restart my console to fix the black screen but netflix JUST WONT RUN. 3 years ago
  • it worked fine yesterday afternoon, i left, came home & turned xbox back on & now it dont work & i cant get it off my storage totally now like i use to be able to, what did you do microsoft? nothing but problems with this console, this app works on other devices i have!. 3 years ago
  • Recently, this started to crash on boot for me. 4 years ago