The Chess Lv.100

The Chess Lv

Based in +10,000 votes
Based in +10,000 votes

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  • I have played and easily beaten several other chess AI's. 2 years ago
  • Great app. 3 years ago
  • The Chess Lv100 is crashing several times a day on some days. 3 years ago
  • This chess game is great for it's entertainment value as well as learning. 3 years ago
  • Game OK, but lately the AD boxes that use to remain off to the board sides now take over the entire screen forcing you to wait for the ADs to end before you can play. 3 years ago
  • Really enjoyed the app. 3 years ago
  • I like the speed the game runs at. 3 years ago
  • Excellent Game. 4 years ago
  • If you want to learn to play or are skilled at the game of chess, this game is the game for you!. 5 years ago
  • great chess app totally recommend. 5 years ago